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Welcome to Bliss J.

Bliss J jewelry are designed and hand crafted in Seoul, South Korea.

Bliss J presents a panorama of luminous and fancy jewelry made from genuine materials, solid 14k or 18k gold. We use a variety of diamonds, gemstones, and pearls to enrich brilliance and color of our genuine jewelry made from high-quality materials. All diamonds and gemstones in Bliss J jewelry are naturally occurring ones from the mother earth. Bliss J Jewelers hand selects each and every diamonds and gemstones, enabling us to always select those that sparkles superlative brilliance and beauty. The owner of Bliss J, Jessica, studied gemstone & jewelry design at the university and graduate school for 7 years and have a master's degree in jewelry design. She also has a certificate in diamond identification.

Bliss J features a fascinating collection of jewelry that makes you look special. Combining pieces from our array, you can express your own unique style, and stand out among the crowd with timeless elegance. Bliss J will also make the perfect gift for someone you care about. With Bliss J jewelry, you can add a milestone, presenting an unforgettable precious moment, to your life and your loved ones'. We, Bliss J, seek to make jewelry which shines in beautiful and meaningful moments in your life. Bliss J will always be there with you to sparkle the treasured moments in the journey of your life. We hope to make you a Blissful life with Bliss J.

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